A core competence of needagency. is the office.
The need.PR team takes on all the PR tasks that arise. The employees are real PR craftsmen and professionals.
From the press text to the press photo. From the press mailing list to the follow up calls. From sample handling to interview coordination and press junkets.
A cheerful contact person is always available for the press and with regards to your topics.
We know that the media rejects standard stories these days. The new dynamic of a media world, which must not be divided into print and digital, but rather into earned, owned, shared and paid, requires a new and creative communication.
Simply introduce your own “outsourced press department”.
That is your need.

At the beginning there is a vision. Whether an artist, a company or a brand is new in a market, wants to occupy a sector for itself or would like to become an opinion leader – our first task is always to understand the business objectives, and develop an appropriate communication strategy for this.
needagency. develops a concept or an action plan, which is implemented in all communication channels.
Thus, at needagency. there is not only a classic PR for projects, but also flanking scene/ target group events. Photos and videos for the website and further social media channels are daily business for us.
Projects are prepared with teasers on the internet, press conferences become events, and the information is always prepared individually for the relevant media and recipients.